Celebrations like holidays, birthdays and work anniversaries have always been important pillars of company culture. Before the pandemic, these events were typically in the office where employees would gather together and celebrate. Now that many businesses are working in a hybrid model with employees working from home, these team-building events might look different, but they’re still just as important. Company celebrations boost employee morale, show appreciation, and overall ensure your team is motivated and engaged. 

Here are five ideas for your next company celebration. 

#1: Celebrate company milestones

Company milestones happen all the time, and they wouldn’t be possible without your team of hardworking employees. Many businesses set ambitious quarterly and annual goals. When you reach them, celebrate your team’s dedication and hard work. Additionally, other milestones like being in business for a certain amount of time or surpassing a number of app downloads are other great reasons for celebrations. Get the whole company together, in-person or virtually, and host a party to commemorate your important milestone.

#2: Make employee birthdays special 

Birthdays are always cause for celebration! Companies might consider putting together a plan to ensure that birthdays are special for all employees. This could be a shout out in the company chat, a small present, or a special team lunch. It’s important that all teams across the organization follow a similar blueprint so all staff feel equally celebrated when it’s their birthday.  

#3: Elevate your new hire onboarding  

Welcoming a new employee to the team is a great reason to host a company celebration. Starting a new job can be overwhelming, so a celebration is a great way to ensure your new hires feel properly welcomed. Consider hosting a happy hour or team dinner so that your new staff member can get to know other employees at the company. 

#4: Observe holidays throughout the year 

From virtual Halloween celebrations to National Ice Cream day, there are so many holidays throughout the year that call for a proper observation. Consider hosting themed holiday parties for all of these special days. Whether it’s a costume competition or an ice cream social, your team will surely appreciate the gesture. 

#5: Recognize staff that go above and beyond 

Employee recognition is a critical component of any retention strategy. Studies show that employees who feel appreciated and are shown signs of gratitude can be up to 50 percent more productive. Some companies might implement a peer nomination system and provide a present or incentive to anyone that is nominated. You could also dedicate time in company-wide meetings to give recognition to employees who have gone above and beyond. 

Ordering food for your next company celebration

A company celebration is not complete without food! If your employees are working from home, consider providing individual meal credits so staff can order meals to be delivered to their house during these events. If you’re in the office, individually boxed catering or group orders can also be a great way to easily provide meals. A corporate ordering solution like Grubhub can make ordering meals for company celebrations simple and cost-effective.

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