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Grubhub is a fast and easy way to order food online from the best local restaurants and caterers. For businesses, it’s a cost-savings tool that simplifies and streamlines the process of ordering and expensing food.
A Grubhub corporate account connects you and your teams with delicious meals from your favorite local restaurants. With group ordering, catering and corporate-friendly features like budgets, rules and consolidated billing—feeding the office has never been easier.
It’s free to sign up for a Corporate Account and you’ll only pay for the meals that are actually ordered. Contact us for more detailed pricing inquiries.
We offer various solutions for corporate accounts depending on your specific business needs. Contact us to learn more about getting started.
Yes, with a Grubhub Corporate Account you can order food delivery to multiple addresses. Individual meals allow your team to order for themselves to any address across the country based on the budget you set. Learn more about individual meals.
A Grubhub line of credit is a simple way to provide meals for your team, eliminating the need for credit cards or expense reports. Get one monthly invoice for all food expenses and only pay for the meals that are actually ordered. Learn more
Employees place individual orders from pre-selected restaurants and the orders are delivered together at the same time. Each order will arrive individually bagged and labeled for easy distribution.
Individual meals consolidate all meals into one fully-coded invoice and allow teams to order with allocated budgets. Learn more about individual meals.
Perks from Grubhub offers exclusive food delivery deals and rewards from your employees' favorite restaurants. Your company doesn't pay more, but your team members get more.
Delivery distances vary by restaurant. Check on and enter your address to see which restaurants deliver to your office.
Grubhub drivers can leave food with a doorman or receptionist, or you can meet the driver yourself.

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