Summer is here, and your team is excited for the warmer weather, outdoor activities and summer vacations. With that, many companies find their staff productivity declines in the summer. To address this, companies are getting strategic and planning fun team-building activities. You might find they can greatly boost your employee’s overall morale. 

Here are five team-building summer activities to keep your team engaged and happy. You can conduct all of these activities in-person, virtually, or a hybrid of both.  

#1: Summer Happy Hours

Summertime happy hours are an easy way to foster connectivity amongst employees. Consider offering summer-themed happy hours on a regular basis throughout June, July and August. Whether you are in the office and have a deck or patio, or have employees dialing in from their backyard or rooftop at home, happy hours are a great way to get outdoors and take in some sunshine. 

Food is always a staple at happy hours, so you should plan accordingly for your employees to have something delicious to enjoy. Many companies are choosing to provide employees with meal credits so they can independently order their favorite treats, no matter where they’re working from. 

#2: Regular Friday Team Lunches

Give your team something to look forward to each Friday. Host virtual, socially distant, or hybrid team lunches so your employees can bond over a tasty meal. Consider incorporating an element of fun into your team lunch, like trivia, games, or a lunch and learn with an external presenter. 

#3: Wellness Hours

Encourage your teams to take an hour during each day to get outside. Many employees are craving time outside and this is a great way to boost morale. To do this, you can block off a set no-meeting time on the calendar for the entire team to encourage participation. Some companies are also having employees submit photos of their wellness hours to the team chat and randomly selecting winners to receive a prize, like a meal credit. 

#4: Welcome to Summer Kits

Providing your team with welcome to summer kits is another great way to boost employee morale. These summer welcome kits can become a yearly tradition, contributing to your overall company culture. They’re sure to have your team feeling a part of a larger community, and one that shows them they are appreciated and valued. 

Here are a few swag items you might include in your welcome to summer kit:

  • Sunglasses
  • Picnic blanket
  • Snacks 
  • Meal credit (consider sharing this via a note in the welcome kit) 
  • A book

You can get creative with your welcome summer kits and ensure they are on brand with your company’s core values. 

#5: Cooking Class

Bring out the farm fresh food for your final team-building summer activity and host a cooking class for your employees. Select a recipe, gather the ingredients and bring your team together (in-person or virtually) to cook and enjoy. 

A corporate cooking class will provide your staff with an unforgettable bonding experience that nourishes both their bodies and their minds. 

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These five team-building activities are just a few ways to boost employee morale this summer. A Grubhub Corporate Account is a simple and flexible way to provide meals for your summer events and for year-round meal perks. 

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