In 2022, many companies are shifting from a fully remote workforce to a hybrid or in-person model.  In fact, a recent survey by TravelPerk notes that 76% of respondents have confirmed a shift to hybrid work at their companies in 2022.

As a company leader, you may be wondering how to get people to return to the office while maintaining a high level of employee engagement and morale.

For some employees, a return to the office welcomes back work lunches, team-building activities and company events. While some employees are eager to be among coworkers again, others may need some support adjusting. Consider offering gifts for your employees to help show your employee appreciation and support their return to the office.

Why employers should give return-to-office gifts

In transitional times, expressing employee gratitude is a great way to boost morale. Knowing that your company supports you goes a long way in attracting and retaining top talent.

Return-to-office gifts help to:

  • Strengthen employee recognition. HR professionals found that low-cash or no-cash rewards can be an effective way to retain employees. Employees like knowing they make a positive impact at work, and that’s why employee recognition is an effective retention tool.
  • Reconnect with the company’s vision. Thoughtful gifts can help staff feel more engaged and empowered, resulting in a stronger connection to their teammates. 
  • Reduce the chances of burnout. Apart from stress, burnout plays a significant part in the workspace, whether at home or in the office. Gifts related to physical and mental well-being can help employees cultivate healthy routines and are great protection against burnout.

Consider these eight gift ideas for employees to support their return to office.

8 return to office gift ideas

1. Self-care kit

A self-care kit is a thoughtful way to provide support to your teams. Some of the products you can include are personal care items, such as moisturizers and grooming kits, inspirational message cards, candles, coloring books, or even specialty teas. Depending on your budget and partnership opportunities, you can also create your own branded package with similar items, including gift certificates.

2. Books

Books are an everlasting gift that you can give your employees. You can choose to give business books that are related to your company mission and values, or opt for books that relate to a certain topic that your team is interested in learning more about. Consider writing personalized messages in the book covers for an added touch.

3. Succulent desk garden

Plants in an office spruce things up, and there’s something extra-special about succulents. These plants don’t take up a lot of space and are easy to manage. Their concentric cup design allows them to keep water until it’s needed. This helps them survive on less water than other plants. So even if they don’t get water for a few days, they’ll be fine.

4. Adjustable standing desk

An adjustable standing desk lets employees get a break from sitting at their desks while keeping them feeling productive. Standing may help improve mood and energy and can help employees feel more active at work, despite sitting for most of the day.

Adjustable standing desks typically accommodate different heights, and some lower to a sitting position level so that employees can alternate between sitting and standing while working depending on their preference.

5. Travel mug

A travel mug is the perfect accessory for employees who are commuting into the office. You can opt for a company branded mug and even include tea bags or coffee beans with the gift. It’s a great way for employees to keep their favorite beverages warm while they make their way to the office.

6. Happy-hour kit

Companies may opt to have employees return to office on a rotational basis, making it so that all employees may not be at the office at the same time. For the times when team members can’t be together in person, a virtual happy hour or game night is a fun team building activity. You can gift a happy hour kit to include company swag items, such as a branded tumbler or party snacks. You can customize this kit according to your employees’ preferences.

7. Portable power banks

A portable power bank is a device used as back-up power for charging devices such as phones and laptops. Power banks come in various sizes and designs, allowing you space to customize. With most people being online for the majority of their workday, this is a convenient and useful gift idea for employees.

8. Meal perks

The universal nature of food makes it the perfect gift for your employees. In fact, a Grubhub survey found that 60% of employees equate company-provided food with feeling more valued and appreciated. With a Grubhub Corporate Account, it’s easy to feed employees across the nation, no matter where they are working. Individual meal perks make a great gift idea for employees, as your team can order what they like, from a restaurant of their choice, and have it delivered wherever they are working. You can also consider group orders or catering. All three options promote social distancing and allow you to safely feed your employees.

Support your employees’ return to office with a Grubhub Corporate account. Contact us to learn more about how a Grubhub Corporate Account can work for you and your team.