Employee meals and team lunches are a common employee perk and a simple way to fuel productivity within your team and show you value their hard work. Whether your team is at home, in the office, or working in a hybrid manner, check out these three ideas to improve your employee meal program.

 #1: Make lunch fun

Consider incorporating an element of fun into your team lunch program. You can block off a set time on the calendar once a week and include culture-building activities like trivia, games, or a lunch and learn with an external presenter. 

When you host team-building activities, you help build stronger relationships between your employees and can improve retention, morale, engagement, and overall productivity. And centering the event around food helps make it a can’t-miss event.

#2: Let your team members choose

Your team has unique tastes and dietary needs, and many companies have adapted their employee meal programs to allow their team to order individually. This way, they can order exactly what they’re craving at any given time. Letting your team members choose and order their own food takes the stress of managing allergies and food preferences off of the company’s plate and ensures your team is satisfied.  

When you offer your team meal credits with a Grubhub Corporate Account, they can place their order independently. This is a great option for employees working remotely, and also for those back in the office. It’s simple to order and your team doesn’t have to use their personal credit card or submit an expense report. 

If your team is ordering on a shared cart, or you’re providing individually boxed catering, it’s important to offer a variety of meal options. Many companies survey their team to ensure their ordering options are inclusive of employee’s dietary needs. Grubhub offers hundreds of thousands of restaurants in over 4,000 cities, which helps ensure that you can meet the cravings of every employee.

#3: Put safety first

It’s more important than ever to put safety first. You should communicate safe ordering options available to your team, including curbside pickup or contact-less delivery for employees that are ordering at home. If your team is working in the office, it’s a good idea to choose an ordering type that reduces contact with restaurants, like Group Order where orders arrive together—individually bagged, sealed and labeled—limiting the amount of people entering your office. Grubhub has created food plans that promote a safe ordering experience for everyone and is here to help ensure your employee meal program is easy, safe and delicious.

Improve your team lunch with a Grubhub Corporate Account

To make the most  of your employee meal program, it’s important to incorporate fun, team-building activities, let your team choose their favorite meals, and above all else, put safety first. An employee food perk and recurring team lunch is a simple way to show your team you care and value their hard work. A Grubhub Corporate Account can help improve your employee meal program with our simple, customizable, and cost-effective platform.

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